Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer is almost over

Not really, but for peep purposes.  They've been at school for a whole week now and seem to have adjusted well.  I'm still adjusting to late game nights - they boys got back from a game at 9:30 on Wednesday and then Morgan had quite a bit of homework to do.  I like to be in bed around 9 pm and read for a while.  If I stay up too late, I still get up early and feel like I have a hangover.

The boys won the JV game on Wednesday.  There had been some talk of Bowen playing Varsity, which we were excited they wanted him, but weren't into the idea of him spending so much time on the bench. I'm glad he's staying where he's at, he plays the whole game (some time of defense and some on offense) and Morgan is a steady defender the whole game.

This week, I branched out from my return to knitting and ended up getting my rigid heddle loom off my beloved wardrobe (it was the only place big enough to hold the loom) and started back weaving the thing that made me put it away in the first place!  It was hideous looking.  I decided to use up the ugly yarn on the stick just so I could work on my edges.  When I ran out I looked in The Most Beautiful Yarn Storage and found some Fiesta Boomerang yarn that I'd tried on a couple other projects and hadn't liked.  Sometimes a variegated yarn doesn't work for me at all. In this application - it was perfect! The colors worked well with the black and red warp, the squishiness of the  yarn has also been lovely once off the loom.

Now I'm planning on starting some holiday gifts in the next few days.  With cooler temperatures it is perfect fiber weather!

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