Wednesday, September 14, 2011


FUNDRAISING TIME! All parents love this time of year. Your child arrives home from school (it's one of the few times you are willingly handed something out of a backpack) and gives you "the packet" with either the ridiculous rewards sheet or the words, "I want...". The next sentence at my house is: it's due tomorrow. Really?

Me: When did you get the packet?
Peep: Today.
Me: And they said, "This is due tomorrow."
Peep: Yea, and we need to give them seven address or orders. I want these two magazines. It's for a good cause - a weight room so kids can exercise.

(I'm all about kids exercising, but they need to build time into the day for them to do it. And did you know kids only take PE in middle school for half the year? When did gym everyday disappear?)

Last week one of the bigger peeps brought me a flyer for mums for an FFA fundraiser. Also due the next day. I'm wondering what else will come home in the next few weeks.

Rather than giving these outside companies money, I'd like to write donation cheque to the school so they get all the money they collect. The peeps, products of consumerism, are big fans of the cheap, crappy incentives. They love to hear me on my soapbox about it at dinner too. The eye rolls and groans mean they're listening, right?

Currently the peep below is hitting up her father for magazines. More power to him!

erin tree

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