Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What's for dinner?

That is the number one question at my house every day. I enjoy cooking but there are times when my mind draws a complete blank. Since the beginning of August the boys have been having soccer try-outs and practice from 6-8 pm because it's so *^#&-ing HOT. On the days I drop them off for practice and pick them up I have plenty of time to figure out the dinner plan. Yesterday was the first game day, boys need to be there at 4, JV game starts at 5, varsity at 6:45. We didn't get home until 8:15 and it was a home game. There are 20 more regular season games and "away" is very away - Roxboro, Oxford, Graham, Eastern Alamance to name a few.

The good news is that Bowen and Morgan made the team! Bowen made varsity as a rising ninth grader - very exciting! He's been an attack man his whole life and is now doing a fine job defending (three very nice saves yesterday). Morgan loves defense and will be continuing on jv in that position. That boy has the ability to move like the wind (he saves it for the field, btw).

The downside, for me only, is that there are now two games to watch a night and I'll have to have my dinner plan figured out. Soon. There are games on Wed. and Thurs. (one in northern Durham and the other at home). Add to the mix my idea what constitutes a healthy meal and this is complicated. Our most recent quick meal is a buying a roasted whole chicken (which is cheaper at Weaver Street than buying an uncooked whole chicken - go figure) adding pasta, pesto, cut up peppers, zucchini, peas, and roasted mushrooms. I can usually get two meals out of one chicken so it's thrifty as well. Egg production is up to 3-4 eggs a day! Suddenly frittatas, quiche, and tarts seem like an option. I'm sure I'll only be able to get away with an egg meal one night a week, though. Maybe the slow cooker will come out from hibernation to help out. I have a Thai pork and rice with peanut sauce that is amazing and super easy.

Maybe dinner will be ok after all!

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