Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Black & White

I like black and white photography, but seldom play with it much. I've been practicing my editing skills and having some fun with favorite photos (new and old).

One of Erin with a frog in Mel and Angela's pool a few years ago.

erin frog bw

Morgan with the same frog in the same pool.

I convinced Bowen to squish himself into this fallen over hollowed out tree stump for a picture. Due to flooding the stump is no longer at the Eno.

bowen tree stump bw

A different Eno trip, this one was in February and the peeps will pretty much get in the water no matter what temperature it is. As you can tell, it wasn't too cold no one's limbs are purple and falling off!

bw bridge

This is Tiger-Cato checking out one of the chickens. I didn't let them around each other until the chickens got big. Tiger went to investigate them one day and got pecked on the nose. He's learned from that experience and now sits on top of the ark (or run) and watches from a distance. (I wish he would be such a quick learner from his tree experiences!)

tiger and chicken

And, the peeps all time favorite picture. We saw this puppy at Wrightsville Beach and they loved it. Nothing makes the peeps melt like a puppy.

puppy on beach

That's all I've got for now, back to editing fun!

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