Monday, July 25, 2011


I found two eggs this morning in the chicken ark (one up in a nest box and one down on the ground). They're very small "beginner" eggs, but it's very exciting! This adds some fun to the morning ramp lowering.

First eggs!

For the very first time ever my potato planting worked. I planted one batch in what was going to be a water feature in the yard last summer. The mini pond idea never came to fruition, but it worked very nicely for potatoes! I had to put wire mesh over the top to keep Tiger-Cato out, but I think that kept some of the weeds confused too.

first potatoes

The other batch is in a Grow Bag. That batch still has green leaves, so we're still waiting on those. The bag is reusable and if it works well, I'll definitely use it again.

We've had lots of cherry tomatoes, but the German Johnson's are slow going (I picked the first few before they ripened for fried green tomatoes) and with all the heat they look wilty. I can't say as I blame them, I'm pretty wilty myself these days!

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