Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The chicken detective

When we first got out chicks they looked like this (and you can see how Dwight was rather pecked up by other chicks, her wing looks sticky because I put some homemade salve on it).


Right now, the girls are growing their feathers. There are lots of red-brown with white bits on them. It's kind of weird how the feathers grow in strips down their necks on the sides and the middle of their backs. They love being outside and practicing their chicken moves (pecking, scratching, dust baths). Chickens really like to play "keep away" it seems. Erin and I laughed hysterically when they were playing with a feather a week ago and today they were doing it with a piece of corn they found from the bird feeder. (Our pair of cardinals seem really confused by the chickens. The way they look at me they seem to be asking, "Why are they in an ark?") We let them play outside for over an hour - with constant supervision, not only human but canine and feline watchers were ever present as well.

This has to be Ruby with her brave self coming right up to the edge like that! Erin, who knew all the chickens on sight, is now also having a difficult time telling them apart. Maximus and Puff are still the smallest but which is which?


I like how some chicks have redder feathers than others (that may provide a much needed identity clue)!





According to the giant bin next to the chicks when we bought them, the sign said Red Sex-linked traits. There you go. After a little chicken research I now know exactly what that means. I'm thinking our pullets have a good chance of growing into this. Not bad!

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